This is a demonstration site.

1. How does it work ?
To order your food, simple follow our simple registration procedure. You will set up your own unique username (based on your email address) and password. We will need your home address and your delivery address.

Once you have created your account you can shop online whenever your like, just login into your account and start shopping.

If you prefer, you can also call us with your order between 6-9pm on Monday and Tuesday.

Our weekly order cut off is 7pm on Tuesdays.

Our bread is baked to order, if you would like bread please order by 10.30am on Tuesday.

To help the environment we deliver your food in recyclable boxes, please return your boxes next time you see your driver, or leave them out for us to pick up the following week.

2. What is the minimum order value ?
Our minimum order value is £12.50.

3. How much is delivery ?
Delivery is free for orders over £30.00
There is a delivery charge of £3.00 for orders under £30.00

4. Can you deliver to my office?
We prefer to deliver to your home. However we can deliver to your office, if it has flexible working hours and the postcode is within our delivery area. Please only have deliveries sent to your office if we are easily able to leave goods with reception/security with little delay.

5. Do I have to be home to accept the delivery?
You do not need to be home to receive a delivery, just let us know of an accessible place on your property where your order will be safe. These details can be lest on the delivery page of your registration, or by accessing the 'my account' page.

We pack any perishable food in reusable polystyrene boxes. These will keep your food fresh for several hours until you come home. Other fruit and veg and pantry items are packed in reusable cardboard boxes which will be placed underneath the polyboxes.

6. How do I pay ?
We accept Debit card payments through our secure Worldpay server. We expect to accept credit cards in the future.

We also accept cash or cheque on delivery; if you are not home payments must be made within 5 workings days of your delivery.

7. Can I return an item if I am not happy with it?
A lot of time and care is taken in grading our produce, to ensure you receive high quality food.

Due to the nature of organic food, on occasion a sub-standard item may go out in a delivery. If this happens please contact us to return the item within 24 hours and we will give you a free replacement with your next order.

8. received a fruit/vegetable I did not order?
Due to the nature of fresh produce, we may at times feel that a particular product does not meet our high standards. In these cases we will replace the item you ordered with another similar item. We reserve the right to make such substitutions without notice.

9. Where does my food come from?
Wherever possible we try to buy UK grown produce. This is not always possible due to weather conditions and seasonality of produce. For example it is impossible to grow fruits such as bananas and mangos in the UK.

Our imported products are shipped rather than air freighted, to minimise impact on the environment. We feel it is important to support UK growers wherever possible, but it is equally important to support other Organic growers around the world.

We are keen to support small scale farmers, co-operatives and independent growers.

10. Why do you use plastic bags?
We try to use recycled paper bags wherever possible. However some of our leafy fresh produce loses moisture very quickly, plastic bags prevent the produce from drying out and ensure they stay fresh longer.

This is a demonstration site.


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